6 Signs You Need Lab Services

A professional performing lab tests in El Paso.

If you just had a doctor’s appointment where your physician said they want to run a few tests, it’s understandable if you’re nervous. We will discuss why lab services are important, as well as signs that you might need them. 

At Transmountain Primary Care in El Paso, we offer walk-in lab services for anyone who requires them. If you’re interested in hearing more about what we can offer, give our clinic a call at (915) 248-2345 or contact us online

What Are Lab Services and Why Are They Needed?

Sometimes when you reach a certain age, or you have a family history of serious diseases or illnesses, a physician will send you for lab services. Dangerous health conditions can sometimes go undetected, which is why it’s vital to get routine lab services done to monitor your health. A few reasons why someone may need tests done are listed below. 

  • If blood cancers or immune system disorders run in the family, you will need a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test done. A CBC can also tell if you have anemia or clotting problems. 


  • If you’re having issues with your heart or your muscles, a Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) test would be needed. This lab service is often done at the same time as the CBC. 


  • If you suspect that you might have diabetes or diabetes runs in your family, it’s best to get your blood sugar (glucose) tested. 


  • If you have suspicions that you might be pregnant and don’t trust an at-home pregnancy test, a urine test at your local physician’s office can help you determine that once and for all. 


  • If you’re experiencing any pain in your urine stream or have kidney pain, a Rapid Urine Test will determine the issue at hand so your physician can prescribe you the right medication. 


  • If you have family members who are currently suffering or have died from heart disease, lab services can conduct a Lipid Panel, which can help determine if you’re at risk. 

Lab Services in El Paso

No matter what type of lab service you need, Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, will take care of you. All of our physicians have years of experience under their belts and can help with any lab service you may require. Whether it’s a blood or urine test, our clinic will provide you with accurate results and assist you with any next steps. If you’d like to hear more about our lab services, give us a (915) 248-2345 today!

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