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Expert Lab Services In El Paso

Transmountain Primary Care offers lab services to our patients. Often, blood and lab testing can be a hassle, but we partner with a lab services team to make the process simple. Trust Transmountain Primary Care for quick, accurate lab services and visit our Horizon City clinic, today!

When To Get Tested

For most, blood testing is used when patients are experiencing unusual symptoms and want deeper testing to find the potential root causes. Blood testing is also great for detecting diseases or the risk of diseases that can otherwise fly under the radar. Often, dangerous health conditions aren’t noticeable or have minor effects, so testing could help catch conditions early. Blood work is great for simply optimizing health. A great deal of information can be gleaned from blood testing, so regular blood testing could provide a benchmark for health.

When To Expect Results

The results for lab testing is highly dependent on the type of test being administered. Testing can take anywhere from 24 hours to weeks, depending on the test being administered. Your doctor will give you a rough estimate of your blood work timetable based on the specific tests being administered. 

Our lab tests are not processed in-house. They are sent to either Labcorp or Axis labs. If you aren’t sure if you need a blood test, contact our team to learn more about how testing could improve your health.

Laboratory assistant putting test tubes into the holder, Close-up view focused on the tubes.

Schedule Your Next Blood Work With Us Today

Need blood work done in El Paso? Let Transmountain Primary Care help. We do not bill for labs, billing questions of any kind should be directed at the company which processes the blood work. Contact us today to learn more about our blood testing services and to schedule your appointment.

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