Annual Physicals

Annual Physicals in El Paso

Annual physicals and checkups are a great way to check on and maintain good health. Transmountain Primary Care offers annual physicals in El Paso for patients of all ages. Whether your child requires school physicals for the upcoming year or you need a DOT physical, we can help. 

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Importance of a Physical

Just as with your car or home air conditioner, your body needs to have some sort of check-up every once in a while. A physical can highlight good aspects of physical health, as well as potential issues that need to be addressed. Without annual physicals, problems could go unnoticed and get worse without medical attention. 


Types of Physicals We Offer

Transmountain Primary Care offers the following type of annual physicals in El Paso for our patients: 

Doctor using sphygmomanometer with stethoscope checking blood pressure to a patient.

How Often to Follow Up with Physicals

Healthy children should receive a physical every year until the age of 5, where every two years should suffice. Sports physicals are generally required for school-age children to participate in sports. A new sports physical is necessary at the start of any new school year if your child is considering partaking in sports. DOT physicals are required every two years for most drivers; an annual DOT physical may be required for drivers with certain medical conditions. 

Insurances We Accept

Transmountain Primary Care accepts all major insurance providers, methods of payment, and CareCredit for our annual physicals in El Paso. If you aren’t sure if we accept your insurance, feel free to give us a call, and receive more information. 

Don’t Wait, Call Us Today to Schedule Your Physical

Transmountain Primary Care is ready to become your source for physicals and other medical needs. If you need results or assistance with your diagnosis, our lab services, chronic illness treatments, and more can help you get back to the health and life you want.

Give us a call at (915) 248-2345 or contact us online today to learn more about our annual physicals in El Paso. 

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