The Essential Lab Tests Every Primary Care Patient Should Know

A person's hand in a blue glove placing vials of blood in a plastic container in El Paso.

Are you a new patient at your El Paso primary care office and aren’t sure what kind of lab services you should get done? Here, we will discuss the essential lab tests every patient should receive and how they benefit you. 

Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, TX, offers a plethora of lab services maintained by our experienced staff members. We offer our services to anyone, infant, child, or adult. If you have questions about a specific service, give us a call at (915) 248-2345 or contact us online today!

Knowing What to Get Done

When it comes to going through with your annual physical, you don’t think of getting lab services done if nothing is noticeably wrong. However, lab services aren’t just for patients who are experiencing symptoms of some kind; they can also help moderate your overall health. Read below for a list of lab services in El Paso you should consider during your next physical. 

  • Cholesterol Screening- A cholesterol test will check to see how much cholesterol is in your blood. It is measured in milligrams per deciliter of blood. Things that can affect your cholesterol (good and bad) are weight, age, gender, diet, and heredity. 
  • Blood Sugar Screening- A blood sugar test, or glucose test, is done by drawing blood from your or pricking your finger. All forms of diabetes, including pre-diabetes, are diagnosed through this lab service. 
  • Prostate Exam- This exam is used to detect prostate cancer. The nurse or doctor will feel the rectum for anything out of the ordinary. If you are a male over the age of 50, you must have this exam done every year. The earlier the cancer is detected, the better you can be treated.
  • Pap Smear- This exam is used to detect cervical cancer. The test will discover abnormal cells that could develop into cancer if left unchecked. Once they reach the age of 21, a woman should undergo these lab services in El Paso once every three years. An abnormal pap smear may occur, but they do not always mean cancerous cells are present. If that is the case, a follow-up will be necessary. 
  • Mammography- This test is used to detect breast cancer. This is the most effective screening as it can detect tumors that may be too small to feel. Some mammograms have false positives, but the test plus a biopsy will rule out cancer. 

Lab Services in El Paso

Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, offers lab services of all kinds to people of all ages. If you require a specific screening, call (915) 248-2345 today.

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