The Importance of Regular Check-Ups: Why Primary Care Matters

A patient and primary care physician smiling at a doctor’s office in El Paso.

We understand it’s hard to press pause on life and attend non-urgent doctor check-ups. Though it’s hard to take the time, it’s necessary to visit your primary care physician to moderate your health.

Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, offers a wide range of services and is dedicated to keeping the El Paso community safe and healthy. To hear more about our services, give us a call at (915)-248-2345 or contact us online today!

The Benefits of Visiting a Primary Care Physician

Regular check-ups can benefit people of all ages. They can be used to moderate growth and development in children and also keep an eye out for any diseases or illnesses. If you don’t have a primary care physician already, we highly recommend you search for one that is local to you. Read below for our list of reasons why visiting your primary care physician can benefit you. 

  • Receive an up-to-date assessment of your overall health.
    • Family history, age, lifestyle, and diet can all affect your health. 
    • If you have a family history of heart disease, your primary care physician can run specific tests to moderate your heart. 
  • Update any necessary vaccinations.
    • Depending on your age and gender will determine what kind of boosters or vaccinations you need. 
    • Some vaccinations are flu, HPV, Tdap, and measles.
  • Review any prescriptions or medicines you’re taking. 
    • Medications may need to be altered or even might no longer be necessary, and your primary care physician can tell you that. 
    • If you’re taking multiple medicines, the doctor will make sure they don’t conflict with one another. 
  • Discuss possible lifestyle changes. 
    • If you believe it’s time to change your health habits, your El Paso primary care physician should be the first person to consult. 
    • Whether you want to quit smoking, drinking, or lose weight, your doctor can help you decide on a method that works for you.
  • Save money on future issues and long-term costs. 
    • Regular visits to your primary care physician can protect your long-term health by detecting illnesses or diseases early on. 
    • If an ailment is detected, they can provide you with the proper treatment to stop progression. 

Primary Care Physicians in El Paso

At Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, we offer personalized service for every patient who walks through our doors. Our primary care physicians are experienced professionals and will take the time to assess our patients’ needs. To hear more about our services, Call (915)-248-2345.

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