The Importance of Vaccinations

An El Paso primary care physician giving someone a shot in the arm.

When it comes to scheduling a visit with your primary care physician, sometimes you don’t think about whether or not you need your vaccinations. Regardless of whether they’re for a child or an adult, vaccinations are important for your health. 

Here at Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, TX, we offer vaccines and immunizations handled by our trusted primary care physicians. To schedule a time that is best for you, give us a call at (915) 248-2345 or contact us online today. 

Reasons to Get Vaccinated

Vaccines and immunizations can save thousands of lives each year. An El Paso primary care physician can help you stay up to date on your vaccines and other forms of preventative care you may need. Read below for a list of reasons why getting vaccinated is important. 

  • They Keep You Healthy- Staying up to date on your vaccinations can keep you healthy and protect you from infections like the flu or shingles. 
  • Can Mean a Life or Death Difference- Many vaccine-preventable infections can cause death, so it’s vital to speak with your primary care physician in El Paso about what you need to get 
  • They Are Safe- In the U.S., all vaccines are licensed and approved for safety before being distributed. Most mentioned side effects are uncommon. 
  • They Don’t Cause the Diseases They Are Meant to Prevent- Vaccines carry a weakened or killed virus. Therefore, it’s impossible to get the diseases you’re trying to prevent. 
  • Will Protect the Young and Healthy- No one is safe from vaccine-prevented, including those who are young and in good health. A primary care physician will recommend anyone of any age or health style get vaccinated. 
  • You’ll Protect Your Family and Loved Ones- Not only will you protect yourself but also the people around you. Illnesses that may not be deadly to adults can be fatal to infants. 
  • Vaccine-prevented Diseases Are Still Around- Many deadly illnesses that have vaccines are still around. Diseases like smallpox and polio can be contracted if not vaccinated 
  • Diseases are Expensive- When you consider the days needed to recover from an illness, plus the medicine and doctor’s visits you need, vaccine-prevented diseases can become expensive to deal with. 

Primary Care Physicians in El Paso

At Transmountain Primary Care, we offer vaccine services for any age group. Our experienced primary care physicians are knowledgeable of the vaccination process and can help you feel more comfortable receiving them. Call (915) 248-2345 today to schedule an appointment.

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