Wound Care for Specific Medical Conditions: Diabetes, Pressure Ulcers, and More

A primary care physician dressing a wound on a patient’s hand in El Paso.

Do you or someone you know suffer from wounds that develop from certain medical conditions? If so, we will discuss wound care treatments for most medical conditions. 

At Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, TX, we offer wound care services for a variety of conditions like burns, surgical wounds, bone infections, ulcers, and non-healing wounds, amongst many others. If you’re looking for treatment options, give us a call at (915) 248-2345 or contact us online today!

Must Know for Wound Care

We understand it can be struggling to deal with chronic or non-healing wounds continually. When it comes to wound care in El Paso, no matter how severe or minor the wound is, there are some rules to follow for the treatment. Read below to see those rules. 

  • Keep it Clean- Though this may seem obvious, it’s very important to keep the wound and its surrounding area clean. Bacteria, dirt, and even linen from your clothes can cause infections. Ask your primary care doctor what kind of medicine they recommend for your specific wound. 
  • Use Sterile and Appropriate Dressings- Wound dressings should always be dry as they hold in healthy moisture and keep out bad bacteria. Bandaids don’t always work, so try to use dressings like gauze, foam, or hydrocolloid dressings. 
  • Frequently Change Your Dressings- Periodically changing your dressings will help keep your wound from becoming infected and will help it heal. If bandages become dirty or damp from the outside, they should be switched out, as well as if fluid from the wound seeps through. Your wound care team will show you how to properly tend to your dressings.
  • Carefully Follow Antibiotic Instructions- Not every wound will require antibiotics, but most do. Your El Paso wound care team will prescribe you either topical or oral medicine, which is vital for infection treatment and the recovery process. Be sure to take the medicine as directed. 
  • Research Wound Care Assistance- When our El Paso clients come in for wound care, it’s because they need specialized assistance. We will help you figure out a treatment plan that caters to your specific wound and medical condition. 

Wound Care Treatment in El Paso

At Transmountain Primary Care, located in El Paso, we understand that wound care treatment can be a different process for each patient. This is why we are taking the time to work with you on the best approach. To speak with one of our doctors, call (915) 248-2345 today.

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