Young attractive female or teenage receive covid-19 anti virus vaccine in campaign vaccination safe life happy smile cheerful with blue, yellow, pink bandage on arm with copy space.

Should You Get the HPV Vaccine? What You Should Know About the Virus 

While the general public has been rightly concerned with the coronavirus in the last year and a half, regular health screenings and vaccinations for other types of viruses continue. The Human Papillomavirus is one of those nightmarish types of viruses because it is quiet, does not usually cause symptoms, and appears to be the leading

Side view shot of female nurse wearing protective mask and gloves preparing medical syringe for giving injection to patient. Corona Virus Immunization

History of Immunizations and What You Should Know About the Covid Vaccine 

Advancements in science work in tandem. Medical and scientific knowledge compounds and is informed by discoveries that came before.  It is not until viruses or diseases are understood that they can be studied and it is not until they can be studied that they could be eradicated through vaccinations, treatments, or therapeutics. In the year

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