A professional performing lab tests in El Paso.
Lab Services

6 Signs You Need Lab Services

If you just had a doctor’s appointment where your physician said they want to run a few tests, it’s understandable if you’re nervous. We will discuss why lab services are important, as well as signs that you might need them.  At Transmountain Primary Care in El Paso, we offer walk-in lab services for anyone who

A physician lifting white gauze off of a person’s injury on their arm in El Paso.
Wound care

Sign You Need Wound Care From a Primary Care Physician

Were you in a minor scuffle and noticed your wound isn’t healing properly? If so, getting your injury checked by your physician might be a good idea. We will discuss the signs to look out for when dealing with a wound or injury that indicate a professional should see it.  At Transmountain Primary Care in

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